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There have been many changes in the recent times, but what remains the same is the popularity and importance of traditional out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Asia is one of the biggest regions where traditional OOH has reached its peak. According to Statista, China will spend the most on traditional OOH amounting to US $8,909 million this year. This proves that traditional OOH advertising is still prevalent in Asia.

The Perfect Media holds professional expertise for OOH commercialisation and actively collaborates with venue owners, property owners, property developers, MCST, managing agents, agencies, brands, and media owners to deliver satisfactory results for our clients.

Not everyone understands the implications and effects of the use of OOH. However, The Perfect Media has a complete grasp of the value of Outdoor Advertising, the retail environment and therefore, utilises its potential to the fullest. By working with key various stakeholders, we provide sustainable solutions in a bespoke manner, allowing our clients to gain an advantage ahead of their competitors.

The stakeholders are beyond the landlords and the client beneficiaries. In our stakeholders’ engagement, we will also include the government authorities which in Singapore’s case will be the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and the Building Construction Authority (BCA). In other countries such as Indonesia where we work a lot with the airport authorities, The Perfect Media team also works with Angkasa Pura I and PT Angkasa Pura II. We have the same listing for other ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia etc.

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For the last 20 years, The Perfect Media team has provided its OOH site development and conceptualisation services and skills to Asia’s biggest organisations. Our work can be witnessed in Singapore’s most popular areas and streets. Notable malls that we have studied for LED screens feasibility and placement in Singapore include Queensway Shopping Centre, the Thai Embassy, Singapore along Orchard Road etc. Some of the location that are more suitable for static placement versus digital dynamic placement are also recommended accordingly, subjected to the media value, traffic volume and traffic direction.


Currently, there is a need for in-depth knowledge and guidance across the Out-of-Home value chain. Thus, with a strong expertise in this industry, The Perfect Media will be able to offer professional services that focus closely on OOH.

The Perfect Media is here to share its resources in terms of available knowledge and project management with valued property owners, public sector enterprises, media owners, and clients.

Some of our satisfied clients and landlords with excellent track records include:

  • Clients: Yanghe’s Blue Dream M6, Panda Remit, DBS Bank
  • Various MCST such as Queensway Shopping Centre, People’s Park Complex
  • Hotel Groups: Worldwide Hotel Group, Furama Hotel
  • Mapletree Commercial
  • NGO, Non-profit, Government related facilities: The Thailand Authority of Tourism of Singapore


TPM’s work encompasses providing personalised and customised services to every client, helping them make the most of Out of Home Media monetisation via related research, management, consultancy, and development roles. Furthermore, TPM can take a step further to provide consultation in tendering processes and partner pitching.

TPM’s work can be broadly defined as:

  • Strategic advice
  • Location review
  • Data analysis
  • Revenue yield
  • Competitive review
  • Global and regional benchmarking
  • Optimisation of existing media related arrangements
  • Creation of new outdoor media and outdoor advertising opportunities
  • Troubleshooting, management support and maintenance
  • Partner pitching and tender process
  • Conduct site visit and traffic flow analysis
  • ROI on different OOH display formats including static vs. digitalisation options – LED and LCD screen network and creative OOH
  • Licensing of billboard locations including government bodies consultation and other stakeholders’ analysis


Out-of-Home commercialisation has become more popular with the rise of venue and property owners’ needs to get the best value from their assets. It can also become a form of tenants and brands’ expression within the mall. For some like Sunway Lagoon’s collaboration with Squid Games in Malaysia as well as Money Heist in Suntec City Singapore during the Covid period, its popularity has also created much viral effect and fun!

Airports, Shopping Malls, Railway Terminals, Parks and Public Facilities have been the receivers of various benefits of TPM’s services and resources.

Commercialisation activities can also include kiosks, ATM promotions, specialty leasing and activation. Some of the activation will include sponsorship, facilities provision such as mobile charging advertising, events and also gamification including both Online and Offline marketing (O2O marketing)

TPM establishes long-lasting client relationships that allow us to provide best-fit programs to our clients, ensuring business growth, popularity, and revenue generation.


The Perfect Media is proud to have served the local authorities and public sector corporations effectively. We have been able to provide them with the desired results by working within strict guidelines and deadlines.

Our local authority clients are valuable as they help generate income within the public sector by balancing service delivery, political factors, community issues, and statutory roles. They have an important role to play in Singaporean society.

With the local authorities such as the Building Construction Authority (BCA), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), our team will do the necessary submissions and consultations for the adherence of prevailing guidelines on the Out of Home advertising space. We will also provide the same to the landlord and liaise with the design consultants, architects and contractors to create the best Outdoor Advertising format.


Owners of assets and media should have an achievable vision in mind. They can become owners of successful businesses by generating revenue through introducing and providing innovative enhancements, capabilities, and offerings. Currently, significant areas to accelerate growth are digital product development, smart partnerships, social integration, and rising out-of-home technologies.


The Perfect Media has assisted, guided, and supported several commercial lenders, global vendors, and service providers.  Relevance is key to the provision of our services. Our existing team provides market, industry, service, or product analysis for key investment that helps to drive the potential investment.


As stated before, Out of Home Market is specialised in its essence. Therefore, generalisation in terms of contracts and tendering rights offers less than satisfactory results. Hence, extensive knowledge and understanding of the OOH supply chain are essential. This allows clients to fulfil their deadlines and receive their desired outcomes through our services.


To get the best results from Out of Home assets, The Perfect Media provides various solutions. These include working with planners, architects, and professional engineers in the design stage. We also help in retro-fitting, technology upgrades, and venue design.


Property owners are interested in offers that provide revenue with relevance to Out of Home Media assets. Therefore, The Perfect Media offers its clients auditing services, helping them to realise the verification of setoffs and deductions, end of period revenues, and fulfilment of contractual requirements.


The Perfect Media is proud to be a global Out of Home advertising consultancy whose knowledge and experience is ample to compete in the international market. We work with each client in an unbiased manner. By discussing and working with senior management, we develop, suggest, and implement recommendations, helping our clients to reach their goals and objectives.

Our knowledge comes together with the skills of the client to develop a beneficial partnership via various work channels i.e.:

  • Contract Negotiation and Support
  • Deal Structuring and Procurement
  • Fieldwork, Analysis and Valuation
  • Training
  • Project Management
  • Business Planning and Development

Headquartered in Singapore, The Perfect Media has subsidiary companies in Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam and affiliate offices in the Philippines and South Asia. With our rich knowledge and expertise in this industry, TPM is here to provide you with our utmost service to cater to your needs. You may contact us here to learn more about our services and locations.

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