Out-of-Home Advertising: 5 Reasons Why Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Should Invest in It

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Out-of-Home advertising or OOH Advertising is gaining popularity and appeal for small and medium enterprises because it caters to the varying demands of each brand. Out-of-Home media advertising’s adaptability and creativity allow it to cater to the needs of SMEs by enhancing brand awareness and increasing revenue based on the unique features of each brand. That is why Out-of-Home is a unique, fun, engaging, and attractive medium.

If you own an SME or have a retail business or small business and want to improve sales and have your brand stand out, here are five reasons you should consider investing in Out-of-Home advertising:

  1. Out-of-Home advertising triggers search and purchase actions

Out-of-Home advertising knows how to hit the mark by producing call-to-actions based on the consumers’ needs. It quickly influences consumers’ decisions by making them click, snap, search and buy after viewing the advertisement for a short time. Advertisers achieve immediate action from consumers with the use of a QR code, directional sign, or an unmissable offer to lure the consumers. That is why Out-of-Home media can give your brand much-needed visibility and attract relevant audiences.

Outsmart conducted research revealing that Out-of-Home media advertising increases smartphone brand actions up to 17% on average. Gen X is 60.7% likely to be moved to buy a product after seeing an Out-of-Home advertisement, while the chances of Gen Z purchasing are 60%. However, Millennials are the most impacted by Out-of-Home advertising as 66.4% are ready to purchase after viewing an Out-of-Home advertisement.

  1. Out-of-Home advertising is up-to-date, popular, and meant for you!

The digital Out-of-Home advertisement uses technology and data to target audiences specifically meant for a product or brand. Even with just outdoor advertising digital screens, you can customize your message by day-parting different times of the day with different messages. Some clients use multiple visuals with their digital advertising by alternating languages such as between English and Chinese copy – this is a great way to create rapport with audiences that are more familiar with Chinese.

By reaching your target audience with targeted advertising through Outdoor Advertising, you are more likely to generate revenue and increase reach.

  1. Out-of-Home advertising makes your campaigns fresh and alive!

Out-of-Home advertising is a unique and fresh medium. Digital Out-of-Home advertising makes it possible for an SME to present a bold and engaging message using video tools, animation, and message optimization based on current trends.

On the same note, static outdoor advertising with a 100% share of voice (SOV) outdoor advertising banner or outdoor poster can remain in viewers’ minds for a long time. It builds a rapport with the consumers and triggers search and leads to purchasing action.

  1. Out-of-Home advertising is powerful

As a broadcasting medium, Out-of-Home advertising contains the power to bring popularity to your brand. Therefore, it is most suitable for an SME that wants to sell or promote a service or product. Out-of-Home advertising cannot be turned off or ignored. It means that your brand can be seen at all times. Unlike online digital social media which can be quite fleeting as they are feed-based content on Instagram and Facebook, your target audience may miss your advertisement due to ad-blocking and misuse of keywords.

Out-of-Home media has the potential to large audiences and reminds them of the brand and its services. If the advertising has high creativity element, there is a great potential for it go viral online, driving even more lasting power and reach. That is why 3D billboards and 3D LED screens are getting viral shares. It is also very captivating and entertaining. Look at this GIANT CAT lazing away in Japan!

Visibility in popular locations such as malls and roadside billboards makes your brand upcoming and unique. That is why you should consider making the most of Out-of-Home media for your retail business.

  1. Out-of-Home advertising is reliable

According to research, Out-of-Home advertising’s message is trusted by the consumers. Work Research conducted a study that showed that people rely 17% on brands that use Out-of-Home advertising and 14% trust brands that use Out-of-Home media.

Detailed research also shows that consumers react 16% more positively towards Out-of-Home as compared to other mediums. It means that the audience believes in Out-of-Home advertising’s power. That is why you should consider using outdoor advertising to meet your SME’s needs.

How to make the most of customizable Outdoor Advertising to meet your SME’s needs?

Outdoor advertising relies on saying the right thing at the right place and time! And The Perfect Media is the solution to fulfilling your SME’s advertisement needs.

The Perfect Media provides customizable and creative Out-of-Home media solutions to meet your brand’s individual needs, encourage action, and generate revenue. The Perfect Media conducts detailed research to reach your target audience effectively, allowing your brand to gain popularity.

Example of an SME using Out-of-Home with the assistance of The Perfect Media

The Perfect Media’s ideal location at People’s Park Complex made possible the advertisement of Hock Hua Tonic’s products such as Bird’s Nest and Abalone, allowing it to reach the targeted audience. This is one of the best locations to advertise due to increased traffic in Chinatown, especially during Chinese New Year. It means that a large number of consumers come across this advertisement, increasing the number of people who take an action after viewing the advertisement. Hock Hua Tonic sells Abalone and Bird’s Nest amongst other perfect gifts item for the Chinese New Year, showing the effectiveness of advertising at the right time. The Perfect Media facilitated Hock Hua Tonic with its creative Out-of-Home advertising.

You can also promote your SME with the help of The Perfect Media’s Out-of-Home advertising. So what are you waiting for?

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