Jalan Besar – The Cool Neighborhood with New-Found Opportunities

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Jalan Besar is a thriving and cool neighbourhood in the heart of Singapore. It is an area where old meets new. In Jalan Besar, modern, traditional, and hip businesses come together to provide a myriad of opportunities and experiences to the residents and visitors. Jalan Besar is where Lang Nuong Vietnam offers authentic Vietnamese food, while Junior Kuppanna offers Kongu Nadu cuisine. Jalan Besar is home to Druggists that provides a variety of beers, while the Creamery Boutique offers delectable desserts.

Engineering workshops and industries thrive in Jalan Besar because of its appealing location and cool neighbourhood. Many motorcycle workshops, including Lim Ah Boy and Refine Specialties, are found in this area and are popular for their expert services. A Bike Show was also arranged in this area in 2016 due to the area’s popularity and ideal location. Moreover, hardware stores, lighting shops, and bathroom appliances stores also thrive in this diverse area. Some of the popular hardware stories near Jalan Besar include Poh Joo Hardware Engineering, Allington Engineering & Trading Pte. Ltd.

In short, Jalan Besar is a cultural hub with several industries thriving in the area and attracting a wide range of customers.

This blog will highlight the appeal of Jalan Besar as a cool neighbourhood for advertising and marketing opportunities as well as new trends generated by Covid-19 that can lead to growth, success, and revenue generation by advertising in Jalan Besar.

Covid Trends that are Generating New Revenue Opportunities in 2022

Covid-19 changed the world as we know it. Individuals were confined to homes. Restaurants, schools, travel were all shut down. With unprecedented times due to Covid-19, several businesses have been affected and transformed completely. Industries such as hoteling, tourism, travelling, cinema, restaurant, retail have experienced a decrease in popularity and revenue generation. These industries are the ones where human contact is the most due to which they were shut down temporarily to avoid the spread of Covid-19

While several businesses have taken a hit during Covid-19, other necessary and need-based businesses have risen to the occasion and become popular. Entrepreneurship has become popular with businesses that provide home delivery for groceries to encourage individuals to stay at home and get their vegetables delivered!

Many healthcare companies have also taken the initiative to provide online consultations with professional doctors. Such companies have also introduced home-delivery for medicines and essential supplies.

Singapore’s MCE or Metal Component Engineering has risen to provide telemedicine and healthcare services. As for NutryFarm international, it now exports durians to China from Thailand. This, then, shows how several companies have benefitted from the trends during Covid-19 to transform their businesses.

Other Singaporean businesses that have risen to the occasion during Covid-19 are listed below:

1. Covid-19 forced individuals to stay at home, away from contact with other humans. Naturally, this led to a rise in pet purchases for companionship and support. Due to a rise in online shopping and pet ownership during Covid-19, there has been an increase in pet influencers in Singapore. Adorable pups are dressed in admirable outfits and posted on social media, leading to revenue generation.

This trend has led to an increase in businesses catering to the demand and needs of pets, such as pet shops, pet hotels, dog boarding, daycare, pet insurance, and more!

One popular company that caters to the needs of pets is Pawshore. Pawshore offers pet grooming and spa services as well as puppies for sale and retail.

As a client of The Perfect Media, Pawshore has made the most of TPM’s strategically-placed billboard in Jalan Besar. It has used an adorable picture of puppies to attract customers emotionally, inviting them to buy the pups. The call-to-action is effective as it conveys everything with a few words.

Pawshore has selected Jalan Besar as the location for its advertisement and marketing strategies because it is visited by a large variety and number of people every day. Some may visit to buy appliances for their home, others may visit to get their motorcycles repaired. Some individuals may even visit to enjoy the delicious and authentic cuisines available in the area. Therefore, every day, several people will view Pawshore’s billboard. Many of them will even visit the store or purchase its services. Jalan Besar’s ideal location as a traditional and modern hub makes it a cool neighbourhood where companies like Pawshore can advertise their pet grooming and spa services. Therefore, advertising in Jalan Besar is an effective marketing strategy.

2. Covid-19 has brought with it a lot of uncertainty for business owners, workers, educators, students, and such. This has given rise to the need for wellness businesses such as gyms, wellness clinics, yoga, pilates, and spas. The appeal of wellness businesses such as Anytime Fitness rises from the desire of individuals to remain mentally and physically fit for a calm, soothing, and happier life. Wellness businesses provide individuals with the comfort and joys that come from working on mental and physical health.

3. Companies such as PropertyGuru have assisted individuals in renting, buying, and co-living during the times of Covid-19. PropertyGuru has solved the property issues of investors and sellers by providing an easy-to-use online system that allows easy buying, selling, and renting of properties.

4. With Covid-19, there has been an increase in delivery services and car fleet for short term rentals. Individuals have been encouraged to stay at home to stay safe from Covid-19. This has led to the provision of various goods as well as car rental services to save time and money. Since purchasing a car has become quite expensive, companies such as Lalamove and Pan Pacific Leasing cater to the car rental demands of individuals

5. Companies, such as Carousell, Gogo, and Shopee, have transformed the shopping experience of customers amidst Covid-19. By providing delivery services for products and goods, these companies have made shopping pleasurable for customers during the uncertain times of Covid-19. Individuals have realized and enjoyed the appeal of shopping from the comfort of their homes.

6. With the opportunities for shopping online, the need and demand for digital payment methods have risen. Companies such as Grab have catered to such needs. Individuals now prefer digital banking methods and digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

7. Since Covid-19 affects health, there has been an increased demand for cleaning services for homes, offices, and buildings. Professional cleaners have been in high demand.

In 2022, there will be an increase in a new hybrid lifestyle based on the amalgamation of work-from-home employees and in-office employees. The tools used to work remotely will be used to analyze and improve the performance of employees. So there is a greater chance of advancement in remote working tools. Furthermore, wellness will be used as a metric by companies to understand their employees. Mental health will, thus, become more imminent, opening up this business avenue for individuals. Likewise, remote working may increase obesity and diseases in individuals, leading to the need for health-awareness businesses.

It has also been observed that customers enjoy fast delivery of goods and services to their homes. So there is an opportunity for businesses to ship their services and goods worldwide for increased revenue generation.

Moreover, another trend in 2022 that has come to the surface due to an increase in gaming popularity is digital fashion and NFTs. With NFTs, creative digitally certified items can be collected. The increase in gaming has also led to a desire for engaging with the world of virtual reality. Therefore, many brands are now incorporating virtual reality in their advertising and marketing strategies.

For a business to thrive and generate revenue, effective marketing strategies are required. As a business owner, you can benefit from the creative advertising and marketing strategies of The Perfect Media!

Increase revenue generation, engage prospective clients and attract buyers with The Perfect Media’s creative call to action and strategically placed billboards.

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