How To Enter Publishers’ Clearing House Sweepstakes

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Many people have heard of Publishers Clearing House’s famous giveaways of millions of dollars. You can enter by mail or online. But did you know that PCH gives away prizes in many other ways? Publishers Clearing House has grown its business by giving away big tips. Since the company started in 1967, it has given away more than $220 million in prizes.

Today, PCH is carrying on this winning tradition by offering a variety of online games. This gives the company new ways to make money and gives you more chances to win. Here are some best practices to enter PCH giveaways and beat them.

Visit to enter the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes

The leading site for Publishers Clearing House is On that site, you can find entry forms for SuperPrize sweepstakes, which have prizes worth several million dollars. You can go there without having to send anything back to them through the mail. You can also find answers to essential questions about how to avoid sweepstakes scams, how to sign up for magazines, how to stop getting mail, and more.

But if you enter online, you should know that you’ll get many offers that you’ll have to click through before sending in your entry form. Also, pay attention to what will be done with your email address. Make sure to use a separate email address for sweepstakes, so you don’t get spam in your regular email.

PCH Search & Win Allows You to Win the PCH SuperPrize and More

If you use PCH Search and Win, you can look for information on the internet and win prizes simultaneously. Sign up, and you could win prizes every time you type a search term into the website’s search bar. These prizes range from small ones like gift cards to big ones worth millions. It also really works. Natalie Bostelman, who won a $1 million SuperPrize, entered through PCH Search and Win.

PCH Games let you play and win

PCH Games lets you play free online games to relax or kill time and earn prizes simultaneously. You can win tokens by participating in games such as Mahjongg Minute, 60-Second Word Finder, and Jigsaw Puzzle Surprise. You can trade these tokens for gift cards or a chance to win even more tickets in giveaways or drawings.

About 1 in 30,000 people who enter the prize drawings will win. But if you’re enjoying yourself while playing the games, the opportunity to win rewards is the icing on the cake. Ads support the site, so you may have to wait for them to load before you can play anything.

PCH Lotto lets you win by picking the correct numbers

PCH Lotto could be the place for you if you like playing the lottery but don’t like paying for the chance to win. To enter, you have to choose numbers for five different lottos. You’ll see ads between each card. This is how PCH Lotto makes money.

After you’ve filled up your five lotto cards, you’ll see partner offers, which are just more ads you can sign up for or skip. Once you’ve done all that, you’ll be able to play an instant game like scratch-off that gives you a chance to win immediately.

PCHFrontpage lets you read the news and win prizes

Like PCH Search & Win, PCHFrontpage gives you chances to win by searching for things that interest you. PCHFrontpage, on the other hand, gives you more ways to win. PCHFrontpage is a website that lets you search the web and see the most important news stories all in one place.

Collect tokens by searching the web, reading news articles, watching weather forecasts, watching videos, checking the latest lottery results, reading your horoscope, or checking the latest lottery results. Then, you can trade the tokens at Publishers Clearing House for chances to win.

PCH Slots Offer a Risk-Free Chance to Win Millions

PCH Slots is a fun alternative if you like slot machines but don’t like losing money. You can play for free, and if you win tokens, you can use them to get into different giveaways. If you play more, you can enter more drawings to win. 

Also, if you play PCH Slots, you are automatically entered to win the PCH SuperPrize Drawing, which is worth millions of dollars. You can take it easy, have fun, and maybe even win a million dollars simultaneously.

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Will I win more if I purchase from Publishers Clearing House?

Publishers Clearing House makes all of its money from sweepstakes, but you don’t have to buy anything to win. You won’t have a better chance of winning if you purchase something. PCH has been sued for years because it didn’t make this clear to its contestants. 

Many states sued Publishers Clearing House for misleading advertising. The company paid a multi-million dollar settlement, and most of the money went back to people who had been tricked into entering PCH sweepstakes.

Under the terms of the settlement, PCH sweepstakes must include small print to ensure that people who receive their mailings know their chances and that it’s hard to win a SuperPrize Jackpot. In their mailings, they can’t say things that make people think they’re closer to winning than they are.

Is Publishers Clearing House a Scam?

Sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing House are not a scam. They do give out amazing prizes to winners all the time. But there are very few chances that you will be one of those winners. The odds of winning recent sweepstakes for $10 million were thought to be 505,000,000 to 1. Yes, that’s over 500 million to one against you.

So, it would help if you thought about how much time you want to spend on PCH sweepstakes. If you want to add a few things, that’s great. Your chances of winning go from “impossible” to “extremely unlikely,” and whoever wins will also have very slim chances.

But you should spend most of your time entering other sweepstakes if you want to be more likely to win. For example, you might like the ones on the Big Sweepstakes, Lots of Prizes, or Instant Win Sweepstakes lists. Also, remember that PCH has been criticized in the past for ads that make it sound like you’ve won even though you haven’t.

Pay close attention to the small print! See Are Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Scams? for more information. Don’t forget that even though PCH sweepstakes are real, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of scams out there. Scammers always use the name PCH to get people to give them money.