How To Do Giveaways On Youtube

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Organizing a YouTube giveaway or contest is an easy and successful approach to increasing your channel. These marketing strategies have dos and don’ts, which we’ll list below. We’ll also give you giveaway promotion strategies. This article’s approach is complete with important information.

What are you hoping to achieve?

First, ask yourself this. If you don’t know the goal of your giveaway, you may waste money on the reward. Any YouTube contest or giveaway aims to increase brand exposure, engage your audience, or get likes and subscribers.

You can utilize the giveaway to promote a product or service if you notify people that one of the rules is to share the video in which you mention the product. You can get creative by inviting giveaway participants to follow you on Facebook and YouTube (depending on what social media account you want to grow beside your channel).

Using a giveaway platform that awards points for actions may be too difficult. This strategy is rarely worth it, and individuals can lose patience and avoid entering your giveaway if they have to log in and do a lot of steps.


You won’t get many participants if the prize isn’t grand, right? Nope. Some people will enter your contest for the freebie, not because they want your product or service. Your audience must be interested in the prize. They may not care otherwise. Booktuber? Give away a book. In this scenario, look for a shop that ships worldwide for free. 

You’ll purchase someone a book without paying for transportation, and they’ll tell you which one they want. Set a $15 limit, and they can choose any book under that. Giving away a physical book can be difficult due to postage prices if you have an international audience. You can even make the contest nationwide, sending the reward to inhabitants of your country.

If you’re in the marketing or internet area, you can give away Ahrefs, POP, SEMRush, or other marketing tools you’ve highlighted in your videos. Since anyone can access these tools, transportation fees are eliminated. Consider your audience’s and your own needs before choosing a prize for your contest.

How will you publicize a giveaway?

You may promote your giveaway with YouTube advertisements and social media shares. The second strategy no longer works since Facebook, and other social media networks are fighting against competitors. Due to the algorithm, your sharers’ posts won’t surface in many people’s newsfeeds. There are additional ways to promote your content, including:

  • E-commerce
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, YouTube advertisements (not on Facebook)
  • Insert the video into a blog article or guest post about your contest.
  • Give extra points for social media sharing.

You can also work with another YouTuber. You can host freebies and ask your audiences to like and subscribe to both channels. Share. If you’re in content marketing or SEO, one of you can offer a SEMRush or Surfer SEO subscription.

Create explicit rules

We should have stated this earlier, but it’s worth mentioning now. Your contestants must know what to expect. First, ensure your giveaway or the participants don’t violate YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

Then describe the contest, its prize, and how to enter. If the platform you wish to utilize for prize delivery doesn’t ship to certain countries, mention that in the description box. It would be terrible if a winner couldn’t receive the reward due to a site’s shipping rules.

Include these:

  • Age limits?
  • Restriction
  • Include a privacy notice explaining how you’ll utilize their data.
  • Mention a sponsorship if you’re selling a brand’s product.
  • When and where will winners be announced?
  • Mention a start and finish date for your contest. Many people won’t pay notice after months have passed, but comments are engagement.

Your giveaway must be free to enter. People should never have to pay to enter your contest, even if you urge them to like and share your video or subscribe to your channel. Know what type of giveaway you’re hosting. Most events fall into three categories:

  • Contests
  • Sweepstakes
  • Lotteries

In some states, lottery organization is banned. Depending on where your firm is headquartered, operating any of these may result in a fine.

Keep it simple

Keep your giveaway basic, as we’ve said. Make simple rules. You need regulations, but if people have to go through a long process to join your contest, you won’t succeed. You won’t find any material here. People no longer have time to write opinion pieces, essays, or guest posts. They don’t care how much it could pay off. They’d instead consume than create stuff.

Most Internet users don’t like to share personal information readily. If you create a form with plenty of personal questions, they won’t enter your giveaway. You must advise them when and where to get contest results. You know the type – they always have a nasty comment if they weren’t apprised of the outcome.

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Announcing your winners

You can announce victories in various ways if you’ve encouraged people to follow you on Instagram to gain followers and engagement, video how you choose the winner. Since you’re on YouTube, making a new video is the best way to select a winner. You can refer folks to the video if they ask about the outcomes.