Faster Media Planning Filters, Picklists, Deletes, Exports

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You asked. We listened. The latest upgrade to Bionic media planning software includes faster filters, faster picklists, faster deletes, and faster URL exports.

Media Planners Feel a Need for Speed

As a media planner or media buyer, you have to move quickly. Your media planning software needs to move at the speed of thought and automate your workflow throughout the day.

Over the past six months, we’ve upgraded Bionic media planning and media buying tools with myriad productivity accelerators including Faster Media Planning with Intelligent Caching and Faster Media Plan Placements and Media Plan Downloads.

In this latest upgrade, you got a bunch more media planning accelerators.

Faster Media Planning Filters

Faster Media Plan Fliters

Filtering media plans just got a lot faster.

With the old code, filtering a large 2,500 line media plan used to take 27.875 seconds. With the new code, it only takes 1.626 seconds. This is 17 times faster and rates solidly “good” under Google LCP speed ratings.

We achieved this speed improvement by leveraging Bionic’s new media plan caching architecture.

Faster Media Planning Picklists

Faster Media Planning Picklists

Bionic enables you to build your own custom media planning system. One of the most popular customizations is picklist columns in your media plan. These picklist columns reduce keystrokes when creating media plans and ensures clean data entry.

When we built picklists, we expected the biggest picklist would include a couple hundred possible values. Most picklists are smaller than that and work just fine.

However, a few Bionic power users created picklists with thousands of values.  For example, one has a picklist with 4,946 values. Your web browser could take up to 0.002 seconds (2 milliseconds) to render each value, which seems fast. However, you multiply that by 4,946 values and it takes about 10 seconds to render. Clearly, too slow.

So, we went back to the drawing board and rebuilt the picklist control to handle any number of picklist values without slowing you down.

As a result, that big 4,946 value picklist now opens instantly. A huge speed improvement!

Faster Media Planning Deletes

Faster Media Plan Deletes

In the last upgrade, we sped up the creation of media plan line items. That’s great. But what if you want to delete a bunch of lines from your media plan?

With the old software, deleting 100 lines from your media plan took 11.20 seconds.  Taking it to an extreme, deleting 1,000 lines took 48.73 seconds.

While it’s unusual to delete that many lines, it should not take that long.

After re-engineering the software, your deletes are now instantaneous. By the time you lift your index finger from clicking the delete button, your deletes are already done – even when deleting 1,000 lines!

Faster Tracking URL Exports

tracking URL schedule

We sped up the Tracking URL export by also leveraging the new media plan cache infrastructure.

With the old code, it took 10.1 seconds to export the tracking URLs to excel on a moderately-sized 138 line media plan. With the new code, it takes only 1.2 seconds to export the tracking URLs on the same media plan – virtually instantaneous!

How to Get These Media Planning Accelerators

If you’re on Bionic, you’ve already received these speed upgrades. We upgraded your software as part of your subscription, which includes free upgrades like this. The next time you log in you’ll notice these and other speed improvements.

If you’re not yet on Bionic… um, why not? Seriously though, you can see product info, capabilities, customer reviews, pricing, demo, and start a trial on our website.

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